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Yes, It Is Worth Fighting For!
November 4, 2018

Today, America is in a spiritual, moral, and political crisis – but you and I know it’s never too late.

Let’s connect the dots… over the last several decades, we have gone from being a country that honors God in nearly every aspect of society, to a nation of people who are barely allowed to reference Him in the public square without fear of intimidation and harassment, overt shaming, legal action or some other form of backlash.

Where leaders and society once proudly emphasized our Judeo-Christian heritage as an indispensable part of our Republic, a new generation is rising that is seeking to exchange the American way for political philosophies that restrict freedom, promote moral relativism, and replace God with government.

Acknowledgement of God, prayer, religious values and practices used to be common place in the public square—now it’s an all out fight for faith to be positively represented in the national discourse or to remain as part of our cultural fabric.

Is it any wonder we are witnessing an alarming moral decline in America… one full of vitriol, increased hostility, the absence of civil dialogue, and behaviors that are far removed from even the most basic understanding of common decency?

Though many Americans know religious liberty is the essential key to all freedom, AND that we must remain a nation that reflects Judeo-Christian values in our laws and policies, there are many who have sadly forgotten why.

John Adams wrote to his cousin, Zabdiel Adams, a minister, about the important role that Judeo-Christian principles played in American government, “It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue.”

Over the last half century, cultural relativism and post-modern thought have attempted, and in many cases succeeded, in discarding moral absolutes and replacing the precepts of natural law. With no sense of unequivocal right or wrong being taught to the rising generations, are we really surprised that crime, violence, murder, perversion, immorality, gender confusion, unwanted pregnancy, divorce, substance abuse, and suicide, to name a few, are all on the rise?

When we connect the dots and follow the path they create, we see a country beginning to spin completely out of control. According to researcher George Barna:

  • 54% of practicing Christians resonate with post-modern views and 36% accept ideas associated with Marxism
  • 90% of practicing Christians express concern about the general moral condition of the nation, and yet 57% believe right and wrong is a matter of personal opinion (74% for millennials)
  • 44% of American adults believe moral truth is relative and not absolute

There is no doubt that the fundamental principles that undergird our Constitutional Republic and the sentiments of our Founders, while embraced by many, are still misunderstood by some, and simply not known by untold thousands.

We need a spiritual and intellectual awakening that reinvigorates the spirit of Americans …to ignite a passion for freedom and decency, and to bring healing to the divided persona of our nation.

We are committed to making this a reality through prayer and action. Find out how to get involved in a Faith Impact Opportunity and be part of a strategic, orchestrated, unified approach to affecting cultural change in your community.

Let us resolve to not be mere spectators at such a critical juncture in history, but instead pray fervently, vote our values, live our faith, model civility, and continue to influence the national conversation with the truths we hold dear.

Together, we can ensure “In God We Trust” remains more than our National Motto and our Judeo-Christian heritage does not devolve into a faded memory… Pray! Vote your values! Stay engaged! Stand for truth!