National Congressional Briefing – Audio Provided

  The CPCF hosted a phenomenal Congressional TeleBriefing conference call with co-chairs of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, Congressman J. Randy

Take a Knee with Coach Kennedy

The name, Joe Kennedy, may already be familiar to you. He is an assistant high school football coach in Bremerton,

One Shining Moment in the Heart of a Community

Enthusiasm! Inspiration! Excitement! Motivation! These are powerful andstirring words, but they do not fully capture everything that happened last week

Remember it is ‘In God We Trust’

The nation’s police force has been in the spotlight for months now. As a response to the ongoing threats and

And So it Begins…Where Does it End?

The war on religious liberty and in particular, the rights of conscience, intensified last Thursday. The battleground is located in

Roma Downey Invites Americans to Join PrayUSA

We are very excited about an opportunity to advance the PrayUSA Initiative through a wonderful new partnership with Emmy-nominated actress

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A National Call to Prayer

National leaders formed the Congressional Prayer Caucus -- an official caucus of the U.S. Congress -- to formally acknowledge the important role that faith in God and prayer plays in American life and history and to stand as a sentinel to guard the right of individuals in America to pray and express their faith in their public and professional lives.

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