60th Anniversary ‘In God We Trust’ Blitz a Huge Success!

The response to the “In God We Trust” Anniversary Blitz has been overwhelming! Thanks to all of our partners, inspired citizens and motivated government leaders, the nation heard a resounding declaration, “In God We Will Trust!” Click below for just a few of the highlights

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In God We Trust. Put It Up!

A network of legislators who are helping
protect God’s enduring place in America.

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  • Display our national motto in government buildings, courtrooms, schools and businesses.
  • Join your government leaders in the Call to Prayer for America.
  • An official, bi-cameral caucus of Congress focused on the role that faith and prayer play in our life and history.

July 30th marked the 60th Anniversary of “In God We Trust” being written into law as America’s national motto. Our Motto has been referenced by our Presidents, written on our money, and is in our National Anthem. Although some would like to erase God from the public square, we see this as an opportunity to proudly proclaim that “In God We Trust” is still the bedrock upon which our nation is built.

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